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Babies can actually learn before birth

Talking your way through pregnancy while improving your baby's mind

Studies suggest that it is possible to enhance the development of the child's brain before birth. Prenatal stimulation is a process that encourages learning in unborn babies optimizing mental and sensory development.


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Breastfeeding PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 October 2011 13:11

How to breastfeed

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Wash your nipple with boiled water.
  • Hold your baby and sit comfortable.
  • Hold your breast with your index and medium fingers.
  • Introduce your nipple and areola (dark part of the greast) inside the baby's mouth.
  • Let the baby feed during 10 minutes on the first breast, in the second one he/she can stay up to 20 minutes if the baby wants.
  • Begin with he breast in which he finished the last time.
  • Put your small finger inside the baby's mouth in order to take out your breast easily.
  • Let the baby burp, giving him/her soft strokes on the back.
  • When you put the baby sleep, lay him/her down on one side. Avoid letting the baby face up or face down.
  • If you still have a lot of milk in your breasts use a pump.
  • Wash your nipples again with boiled water. Leave them to dry with the air.

Advantages of breastfeeding for your baby.

  • It has all the nutrients your baby needs up to 6 months of age.
  • It protects from infections.
  • It makes your baby less prone to vomiting.
  • Less gases and colics.
  • You baby's kidneys work with less effort.
  • Develop face, tongue and throat muscles.
  • Fortify the affective communication between mommy and baby.
  • It is the perfect moment to stimuli his/her five senses and the communication.

Advantages of breastfeeding for mommy

  • Avoids bleedings.
  • Every time you breastfeed your baby, your uterus contracts and returns faster to its original size.
  • Reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • You lose weight faster.
  • Milk is always available in any time, any place and at the perfect temperature
  • Feeding your baby you feed not only his/her body but his/her necessities of love and stimulation.

It is very important that you breastfeed you baby.

Let the baby have it any time he/she wants. With time your child will learn to eat every 3 or 4 hours during days and will stop during night.

Extracted from: "Stimulation. health and nutrition of the baby"
("estimulación, salud y nutrición del niño desde recién nacido")
Author: Beatriz Manrique.
Reproduced with authorization of the author

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2011 17:22