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Babies can actually learn before birth

Talking your way through pregnancy while improving your baby's mind

Studies suggest that it is possible to enhance the development of the child's brain before birth. Prenatal stimulation is a process that encourages learning in unborn babies optimizing mental and sensory development.


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Fetal Development

Fetal Development

First trimester of pregnancy
Second trimester of pregnancy
Third trimester of pregnancy

Fetal Development During First Trimester of Pregnancy

The story of your baby's life begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg. Within half an hour, the fertilized egg begins dividing at a furious rate while traveling down the Fallopian tube to the uterus. The bundle of cells then implants itself into the wall of the uterus, where it will continue to develop and grow.
At three weeks, the bundle of cells can now be called an "embryo," and the tiny heart begins to beat.
By the end of the fourth week, we can now easily make out the head, which has a rudimentary brain inside, as well as the buds that will become arms and legs
At the beginning of the second month, we can observe signs of the eyes, nose and ears. The embryo can move it's head, body and limbs slowly when stimulated. The embryo's communication with the external world has begun. She can also respond to tactile stimulation as her coordination improves.
Development between the third and eighth weeks is highly important since the outlines of all internal and external structures are developed.
As we go into the third month, her heart is beating much stronger. Her face is broad, the eyes quite separated, and she can now experience smell. Although she is already moving, her movements are still imperceptible to the mother.

Fetal Development During Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The head is developing more actively than the rest of the body; the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are almost completely formed, creating a well-defined face. Her eyes are already sensible to light. She has acquired new abilities, like the capacity to react to music and to loud noises.
By the fifth month, your baby exercises her senses of touch and movement. By now, she moves her arms and legs strongly enough to be perceived by mom. Her fingers have become more agile and move freely. As her abilities sharpen, the fetus explores its aquatic universe, developing coordination and strength.
After the fifth month, something extraordinary occurs, she can actually begin to hear! She hears the sounds coming from your body, your voice and the voices of other people who are speaking closely to you. She can also hear environmental sounds. Rhythmic music calms her and strident sounds excite her.
She can hear and learn. Memory and the ability to react to stimuli are already present.

Fetal Development During Third Trimester of Pregnancy

By the 7th month, the nervous system has matured to the point that it now controls respiratory functions and body temperature. The lungs would be capable of breathing if she was born at this point. Her movements are more organized, and her muscles stronger. During this month, she begins to show signs of personality and intentional behavior. Not only does she move to the rhythm of music, but she also prefers some types of music to others.
By the end of this month, she can see! She reacts to changes in lighting and can follow a flashing light.

In the eighth month, the nervous system is fully formed and ready to operate through a complex mass of neurons. The signals they emit turn into messages, ideas, decisions and memory.

During the 9th month, she will continue growing and developing until birth. Many internal physiological transformations are occurring, preparing her for her transition to the world outside the womb.

"Make Way for Baby!"™ is a video program that will take you step by step through every stage of your pregnancy.

For each trimester, you will learn:

How a fetus develops
What you can do to interact with your child as much as possible using prenatal stimulation techniques.
Exercises to maintain a good physical condition during pregnancy.

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