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Babies can actually learn before birth

Talking your way through pregnancy while improving your baby's mind

Studies suggest that it is possible to enhance the development of the child's brain before birth. Prenatal stimulation is a process that encourages learning in unborn babies optimizing mental and sensory development.


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Postnatal stimulation exercises

Postnatal Stimulation Exercises

How, When and Where Stimulate?

Give your child activities, experiences or stimulation games that promote his/her development. Remember that games vary according to age, progress in behavior, necessities and interest.

Look for a relaxed atmosphere with sufficient space, preferably with natural light, decorated with simplicity, clean, and tidy.

Before beginning the exercises, you should select the most attractive MATERIALS: different shapes, different colors, washables, resistant and easy handling for the baby's hands so he/she can grab them, suck, throw and later on pass the objects from one hand to the other. REMEMBER: do not use brittle, toxic or sharp objects and plastic bags. The selected toys should be given to the child one by one, alternating them in order to make each one a novelty.

The person in charge of taking care of a baby must show a calm demeanor and interest in the baby. They should appear happy and motivated. Remember that babies can perceive people's mood and reaction.

The ideal MOMENT for the stimulation games is when the baby is awake, calm, alert and healthy. Take advantage of moments such as during bath time, feeding or when the baby is playing. These tend to be the best moments to stimulate your child.

The core idea is to use the daily routines and transform them in play situations that the child and you enjoy. Always remember that we are stimulating the baby's intelligence and capacities through love.

Based on the book "Hola Familia" (Hello Family)
Reproduced with the author permission