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Babies can actually learn before birth

Talking your way through pregnancy while improving your baby's mind

Studies suggest that it is possible to enhance the development of the child's brain before birth. Prenatal stimulation is a process that encourages learning in unborn babies optimizing mental and sensory development.


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Postnatal stimulation

Postnatal Stimulation of Babies

Based on the same principles of prenatal, postnatal stimulation seeks to promote teaching babies after they are born by optimizing their mental, sensorial, social and affective development.

When the baby is born their behavior is basically a reflex; then step by step with all the stimulation that the baby receives, they begin to act intentionally. Babies will explore and get to know the characteristics of the objects around them through different forms, textures and colors. Later on they will realize the differences and similarities and will learn how to categorize things around them. For example, when a baby is born, they do not know the difference between mom and a stranger. When they touch the crib they are unable to distinguish this from a part of their own body. The relationship with family will teach them their individuality. Soon your baby will learn to love, to listen, to rebel and all of the normal emotions that occur under different circumstances.

Learn to observe the progress of your wonderful child. Enjoy watching them grow, trust them... Make your baby feel  loved.


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