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Babies can actually learn before birth

Talking your way through pregnancy while improving your baby's mind

Studies suggest that it is possible to enhance the development of the child's brain before birth. Prenatal stimulation is a process that encourages learning in unborn babies optimizing mental and sensory development.


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Prenatal Stimulation Exercises

Prenatal Stimulation Exercises

Interest in prenatal stimulation has grown steadily as research results show that babies stimulated by methods such as singing and talking while still in the womb, tend to exhibit accelerated visual, linguistic and motor development. Prenatal stimulation is the first and best gift a parent can give a child.
Providing a stimulating, safe environment BEFORE as well as after birth gives a child the key to long term success. Teaching parents how to communicate with their unborn child forms an early bond of trust and love, and provides the supportive environment every child needs in order to learn and grow.

First Trimester of Pregnancy

Remember that your fetus can now experience many sensations and is able to begin communicating with you. He/she has immense potential waiting to be stimulated and developed.
At this moment you can begin your relaxation and visualization exercises

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Some stimulation exercises will allow the fetus to:

  • Communicate with their parents through its movements
  • To learn to associate, that is, to establish a relationship between certain stimuli and certain responses
  • To recognize sounds and noises
  • and finally, to learn to pay attention and develop memory

In order to stimulate the fetus' hearing, you can talk or put a melodious music near your belly. Additionally, you can communicate with your child through touch; whenever you feel a kick, touch the opposite side (this is the place where the head is) and caress the area while you speak.

More information can be found on the video" Make Way For Baby!"™. Parents are guided step-by-step through every stage of pregnancy, and  thanks to its chronological presentation, "Make Way for Baby!"™ grows with the baby to meet the rapidly changing needs.

New stimulation techniques are introduced as soon as the fetus develops the capacity to benefit from them, and new toning and strength exercises are added to the mother’s routine as her pregnancy progresses. The program also emphasizes proper nutrition and prenatal care.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The group of stimulation exercises we suggest for the final trimester will:

  • Help the baby communicate with the parents before birth
  • Train the baby to focus its attention
  • Teach the baby to differentiate the various sounds and noises that come from the womb and from the external world
  • Show that sounds have meaning and can be used to communicate
  • Begin the first steps toward developing language through associating words and meanings
  • Teach the baby the concept of rhythm
  • Improve equilibrium
  • Teach spatial relationships
  • Develop and exercise memory

These exercises will stimulate the baby's intelligence and socialization skills, enhancing her ability to communicate and express affection. Babies stimulated in this way are very alert, attentive, relaxed, smiling and friendly.

In the previous trimesters, it was the baby who initiated communication with the "kicking game." Now you are the ones who will initiate the dialogue with the baby, teaching her to associate words with actions. These words should be verbs, adjectives, or nouns whose meaning is linked to movement or a change in condition that can be easily perceived by the child in the womb. Keep your tone of voice enthusiastic, entertaining and patient.

The most effective way to start teaching the baby associations between words and actions is to say the word in a loud, clear voice while the action is taking place. For example, gently tap your abdomen where the baby’s head is and say: "tap, tap, tap."

The video "Make Way for Baby!"™ takes an interactive approach to prenatal stimulation. Rather than simply piping pre-recorded sounds to the fetus, the video encourages parents to create their own stimulation exercises following the examples given. Parents have to be actively involved, use their own voices, make up their own games. That way we optimize bonding. The goal is to communicate love, not just information.

Research in prenatal stimulation shows that stimulated babies tend to exhibit accelerated visual, linguistic, and motor development. Although most of the attention has focused on results showing significantly higher intelligence and creativity in stimulated infants; it is important to emphasize the benefits of prenatal stimulation for building healthy and loving parent-child relationships.

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